Cycling @ Home (with Moira)

Cycled about 10 miles with Moira, but the route failed to be uploaded, Maximum speed was 20 mph but the average speed was 5.4, but we were out for 1 hour 46 minutes (including a brew stop…!)

No Cycling :(

With Fridays puncture today was spent repairing the puncture… Left it to dry rather than taking it out. (We also had a meeting at School which meant I was in late and it was difficult to have a full lunch!)

Cycling @ Work (with Neil H)

We decided to stretch the route down to Dutton which was good, but when we got to Moore we heard a familiar pssh, psssh, psssssh noise – a piece of glass had cut straight through the kevlar in the tyres and I had a puncture and a hole in my tyre :(.